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Black League of Superheros.jpg

The Black League of Superheroes
Director:Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, Steven Alan Davis, Joe Chacon

"Miles Morales Spiderman discovers that an intentional injustice was covered up as an accident."

Eating a beating.jpg

Eating A Beating
Director: Dany Foster

"When foodie criminal Ben Tull orders take away for lunch, he bites off more than he can chew in the form of violent vigilante Mathieu St Jacques!"


Director: Mark Cheng

Detective Danny Maynard has been diagnosed with a strange brain tumor that's causing hallucinations... but are they really? They appear to give him super powers found in anime- Japanese cartoons.

Shadow in the attic.png

The Shadow In The Attic
Director: Matt Jeston

"During the first night at their new home, a young couple find themselves exploring strange sounds coming from the attic. Events escalate as they discover something sinister already living there."


The Skeptic
Director: Christian Cousin

When a mother and daughter change up their normal routine and go to visit a psychic. Their visit becomes much more than what they expected."


Director: Caleb King

"In the aftermath of a global crisis that has wiped out 95% of the population, Woman arrives to Los Angeles on the last leg of an arduous pilgrimage."

identity check.png

Identity Check
Director: Patrick Devaney

"After two decades of controlling the world’s Virtual Reality market, MDI and its founder, Douglas McKinney, are in complete financial ruin. His toughest rival, multi-billionaire Blake Harper, founder of HarperSoft, is making a quick stop to buy what is left of MDI on his way to Tokyo for a five-day trade summit/mini-vacation"

Home alone.png

Home Alone: Jigsaw Origins
Director: Beau Garner

"Kevin McCallister grows up to be the Jigsaw Killer."


Director: Russell Thomas

"Batman: The Scheme Is Sound is Parkview Music Club’s nostalgic tribute to the 1966 Batman TV series."

Chateau Sauvignon.png

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
Director: D.M. Night Maire

"Chateau Sauvignon: terroir' follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. "


The Ominous Project Universe Presents: CARNAGE
Director: Shreco Bakari

"The American Disease Center & The Health & Safety Department of of America, announces that quarantine and all previous safety precautions have been lifted which causes 3 young adults to take a risky vacation to Florida."

Haunted Thrills.png

Director: Michael T Lyddon

"A short documentary film about the lesser known pre-code horror and science fiction comic books of the early 1950s."

Battle Poster.jpg

Director: Emre Orun

"A gym owner struggles against an old adversary to keep his gym open while dreams give him clues to help him along the way."

Dissolved Girl.jpg

Dissolved Girl
Director: Kai Kaldro

 "A young misunderstood human computer hacker and undercover robot cop must overcome their differences whilst procuring a caper to expose the cyber crime queen of the future.


Director: Joe Whall

"In the near future, our protagonist must face an America that is dominated by one corporation. 

Vault 45.png

Vault45: A Fallout Fanfilm
Director: Daniel Trout

"One Vault Dweller is in charge of keeping America safe but something happens that will change his life."

Still Here Poster.jpg

Still Here
Director: Connor Farrell

"A survivor, a neckbeard, a cultist, and an internet celebrity find themselves trapped in a forest in an apocalyptic wasteland."

theres someting there.png

There's Someone Here
Director: Ryan de Rooy

"A young mother’s paranoia as she slowly discovers that a presence is looming."

roofing in july.png

Roofing In July
Director: Cooper Shapiro

"The youngest roofer in his company, Alejandro falls victim to a prank by his coworkers with deadly consequences."


Director: Samuel Delitans Lee

"A ex-hitman seek revenge on his very own organisation after the death of a loved one. The underground company is the first to manufacture a device that can manipulate time within 24 hours."


Director: Russell Thomas

"An inmate fights for redemption by helping others in a moment of crisis, that only he witnesses via astral projection."


Director: Justen Mann

"Danny, an ascending lieutenant in a Miami gang, has his plans interrupted when his associate gets caught up with a rival biker gang."

X-Mas on Fire.png

X-Mas on Fire
Director: Florian Frerichs

"A heist on Christmas Eve going horribly wrong."


“The Ominous Project Universe Presents: BLOODY MARY”
Director: Shreco Bakari

 "3 young teenagers begin to mix the Bloody Mary urban legend with the intensity of the sinister Ouija Board"


KENJI: 2065
Director: Justin Michael Rios, Zachary Moore

"In the distant future, in a poor metropolitan after the Kuroi clan kidnap the mayor's daughter in a ransom attempt, a cop is sent to rescue her. His name is, Kenji Cree."

Surprise Robbery.png

Director: David G. Morgan

A man steals another's briefcase, starting a chase. In the nearby streets, another guy is riding a bicycle. The fate of these three men will cross, changing their lives forever.

Let me explain to you the language of the sword.jpg

Director: Thomas Hacikoglu

"An reputation precedes assasin that lifes in 2020. People want to force him to work for them by taking the power of his sword. But the real connection to this weapon exceeds all expectation."


Director: Eric Swain

"In the second episode in the AtomSteam series, the Atompunk crew gets help repairing their spaceship on the Steampunk planet, while the villain Tamerlane releases a spectral antagonist that the Steampunk inhabitants struggle against." 


Director: Peter Koevari 

"Contestants wake into a horrific battle royale with a cruel twist, and must escape to discover its purpose."


Director: John Stevenson

"A female martial arts instructor tries to track down a trio of serial rapists who may or may not exist."

weapons of choice.png

Weapons Of Choice
Director: Matt Merritte

"A woman fighter has conflict with two martial arts assassins."


Director: Samuel Delitans Lee

"A mercenary-for-hire is caught in a dilemma between saving his fiancee or taking down his childhood friend"

incident report.png

Incident Report
Director: Nick Koniuszko

"The leadership of a government zombie hunting group is tested when their leader confronts his missing wife."

blink of an eye.png

In The Blink Of An Eye
Director: Kevin Croxton

"A James Bond Fan Film is Parkview Music Club’s tribute to the James Bond Film Series."


The Aspirant
Director: Adam Orton

"In a future world, an Elder - a therapist/priest who ages slowly due to hibernation - struggles to contain his feelings when a brilliant young woman falls in love with him"


Kairos, Qualitative Time
Director: Carlos Scasso

"To curtail the spread of revolts against the System, the "Kairós Programme" has been activated. Isacaar, one of the insurgents, will find himself faced with the chance of preserving something more important than his ideals."

Next generation.png

The Next Generation
Director: George Kyriakopoulos, George Zouvelos

"Jake takes matters into his own hands when he sees Task Master lurking in the streets. Jake wanting to help, and get justice for Captain America, and the Avengers, he takes on the evil Task Master"


Submerge: Echo 51
Director: Demetrius LaSean Witherspoon

"The Multiverse has been plagued by the Krag Empire, and their Submerge Experiments. Plant Echo laying in ruins with one lone survivor Lyte or is she?"

Dick Biter.png

Director: Joseph Raffoni

A found-footage short-film about two hikers who encounter a creature in the woods.


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